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Start an Apprenticeship

Employers across California are looking to reduce turnover, find qualified candidates and diversify their workforce. If you’re looking for a higher return on your training investment, an apprenticeship program could be the answer. 

Apprenticeship is a flexible staff-development strategy that creates loyal, well-trained employees. No longer limited to the construction trades, apprenticeships can now be found in many industries, including health care, advanced manufacturing, transportation, government, social services, IT and early child education, just to name a few. 


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What is an Apprenticeship
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What is an Apprenticeship?

Rooted in thousands of years of history, the apprenticeship model continues to evolve in front of our eyes. However, at the heart of any apprenticeship is the combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction - the “Earn & Learn” model. 

Benefits to the Employer

Apprenticeship is an employer-driven workforce development model that not only helps the business train employee for their specific jobs. 


Research by the Urban Institute shows an overall positive return on investments in apprenticeship. The evidence shows that the benefits of developing a registered apprenticeship include:

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Components of an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships consist of five core components, each critical to the program’s success. To help, download our Acronym & Abbreviation List


Why Register the Apprenticeship

The State of California encourages employers to register their apprenticeship with the Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS).  This is an important step for a number of reasons:

Why Register
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How is an Apprenticeship Structured?

Apprentices in the construction trades and many other industries earn a Department of Apprenticeship Standards journey-level certification upon completion.  Models include, but are not limited to:

How is it structured?
Apprenticeship v Internsip

Apprenticeship vs. Internship

Apprenticeship offers an alternative, flexible form of talent development for new and existing employees that ensures structure in the training, while investing in the workforce. In the end, the business gains a trained, educated and loyal employee. 

Apprenticeship differs from internship in several ways:

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Partners Involved
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Partners Involved in a Registered Apprenticeship

A registered apprenticeship in California is a partnership between a number of entities. Each partner plays a crucial role in the success of the program.

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