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Become an Apprentice

Are you not sure what career you want to pursue or are you looking for something new? Do you need to work while going to school to pay bills or support a family? Does the cost of college scare you? Are you interested in learning a trade? If the answer to any of these is yes, then an apprenticeship may be your ticket to a high-quality career with focused training and industry-recognized credentials.

Apprenticeships today include the traditional construction trades, as well as non-traditional industries and occupations such as healthcare, recreational boat craftsmanship, truck driving, advanced manufacturing, IT and so much more. Best of all, you can still earn college credit and pursue a degree with many apprentice programs. 

What is an Apprenticeship?

Rooted in thousands of years of history, apprenticeships are evolving to include something for everyone. At the heart of any apprenticeship is the combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction. It is the essence of the “Earn & Learn” model. 

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What is an Apprenticeship?
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Benefits of Apprenticeship

For years, we have heard that a college degree is essential to earn a good living and have a solid career path.  While it’s true that college graduates are typically less affected by economic downturns, there are multiple ways to get there.  You do have options and the apprenticeship option has many benefits.

Benefits of Apprenticeship

How to Become an Apprentice

Apprenticeship opportunities are offered through employers or program sponsors such as associations or a construction trade joint apprenticeship committees. There are hundreds of apprentice programs across California and the number and variety increases every month. 


If you’re interested in being an apprentice, you must apply with the specific program sponsor (apprenticeship organization) or employer in order to be accepted into their program.  Your on-the-job training and classroom instruction are set up through the program and/or employer.  Find information and links to our programs here.


Note that many apprenticeship programs require tests or other assessments as part of their initial application process, so be sure to research and understand the prerequisites for any program you decide to pursue. If you are concerned about these prerequisites, see the information below on pre-apprenticeship programs.

How to Become an Apprentice

Which Career to Choose

The first step is to determine the kind of work you want to do.

We have several apprenticeship programs from which you can receive college credit through either Chabot or Las Positas College. 

Click here for a list of our Chabot College and Las Positas College programs and their contact information. We have programs in: 

Advanced Manufacturing

Early Childhood Development

As a reminder, you must apply to these programs directly.  Each program has its own application and acceptance process.  Once you have signed an apprenticeship agreement with a specific program, they will direct you to the next steps in getting both college credit for your instructional time and connect you with an employer. 

If you don’t find a career that interests you through CLPCCD, there are over 150 construction trade occupations and many more apprenticeship programs in non-traditional occupations in California.  

Here are a few places to explore: 

Which Program to Choose
Career Assessmen

Career Assessment Can Offer Direction

If you’re having difficulties deciding which way you want to go, taking a career assessment can help. There are several ways to assess what fields are a good match for you.

Pre-Apprenticeships to Get Started

  • Pre-apprenticeships offer test preparation and learning skills to help prepare someone to enter an apprenticeship program, and are particularly aimed at young people.

  • Pre-apprenticeship programs offer training only – no paid work experience – but attending one can aid in the acceptance into an apprenticeship program.

  • Primarily offered for preparation to go into the construction trades (though growing in non-traditional fields, as well), pre-apprenticeship programs teach foundational skills to be successful in an apprenticeship program and often include the opportunity to explore different options.

  • While there is no guarantee that attending a pre-apprenticeship program will get you into your choice of apprenticeship programs, participation in a pre-apprenticeship program can prepare you for the entry requirements.

  • The California Building Trades Councils' website gives the location of pre-apprenticeship programs located throughout California. If you’re interested, find a location near you and contact the host agency listed for information about their pre-apprenticeship programs.

Pre-Appenticeships to Get Started

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