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About Us

Behavioral Health Workforce Development Program

The Behavioral Health Workforce Development Program is part of  Chabot-Las Positas Community College District's (CLPCCD) Economic Development and Contract Education Department. We share the mission to  “empower individuals and communities to thrive by creating career, education and economic opportunities.”  

Program Need

CLPCCD recognizes the significantly increased need for behavioral health workers in order to meet the needs of California's children and youth. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) “9,398,534 people in California live in a community that does not have enough mental health professionals.” 

NAMI-Fact Sheet

Child Counselor

Program Background

In November of 2022, the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) awarded CLPCCD a five-year, $2.5 million grant under the Health Professions Pathways Program. We are using this funding to:

- Support education and career pathways for individuals working with youth across behavioral health systems

- Enhance worker competency, increase retention in the field, improve access to higher wages and diversify the workforce

- Better the quality of care for children and young adults


This includes partnering with the California Alliance of Children and Family Services’ Catalyst Center and Chabot College to offer a first-of-its-kind Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program. The resulting apprenticeship includes a stackable Behavioral Health Certificate of Achievement leading to an associate degree in Social Work and Human Services, employment (full wages and benefits), on-the-job mentoring, and wrap-around support to break down barriers for individual success. Apprentices will also fulfill the requirements to be a certified Wellness Coach.


Other partners include Diversity in Health Training Institute, Mentoring in Medicine and Science, and more organizations that provide outreach and education surrounding behavioral/mental health careers for high school students and adults, including how to get started on their career path. Chabot College’s Student Support Services and the Tri-Valley Career Center also provide academic, financial, and career guidance to individuals interested in the behavioral health field.

CLPCCD continues to look for additional funding and partnerships to expand this impactful work.

Find out more about all our programs.   


CLPCCD is Leveraging New and Existing Relationships to Increase the Behavioral Health Workforce Pool By:

  1. Increasing skills and knowledge base to ensure workers can effectively support unique youth mental/behavioral health needs

  2. Breaking down systemic and individual barriers to higher education as well as career access and mobility

  3. Creating stackable educational achievements (certificates, degrees, etc.) to maximize employment and mobility opportunities (therefore increasing access to livable wages)   

  4. Creating sustainable models that minimize costs for students, employers, and educational institutions

  5. Leveraging employer relationships to meet workforce needs  

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