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Apprenticeships are a proven earn and learn training model that produces qualified, well-trained employees for the employers and well-paid career opportunities for the apprentices. Registered programs combine structured on-the-job training, related classroom instruction and incremental wage increases. 

Apprenticeship: a proven training and employment strategy

Become an Apprentice

Apprenticeships offer free training to the apprentice! Apprentices are employed from their first day and receive automatic pay increases as they progress through the program. Apprenticeships can be found in a wide variety of industries as well as the well-established construction fields. 92% of apprentices retain employment when their program is complete.


Start an Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeships offer employers the ability to train employees to have the specific skills that are needed for their company, while developing a loyal workforce. Apprenticeships can significantly reduce turnover and help create a more inclusive workplace.


CLPCCD as Your Education Partner

All registered apprenticeship programs are required to have a Local Educational Agency (LEA) to oversee the programs’ classroom instruction. CLPCCD has been a Local Educational Agency of choice for over twenty years and offer unparalleled support to our apprenticeship programs.  We are here to help make your program a success.

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